About Waterloo Wear

Looking for a simple fundraiser for your lodge that’s profitable, intuitive and provides a great product?

Sounds like a dream doesn’t it? Is it even possible? It wasn’t, until now.

Waterloo Wear puts the fun back in fundraising. Not only is it easy and fast, it’s making fundraising what it was meant to be….PROFITABLE!

Waterloo Wear is an Omaha, Nebraska-based company designed for Masons and run by Masons. We have implemented the most popular profitability model in today's fast-paced business arena — affiliate marketing.

The model is much like commission sales models of the past. Programs like these have been the basis of nearly every successful business for so long it’s hard to believe that they could be improved upon. However, the new affiliate sales model being used has been proven to be one of the most reliable and easy to profit from, making all other sales models obsolete.

Now, you can profit by simply sending Masonic shoppers to the www.WaterlooWear.com website using your own unique ID. You can do this by simply posting a link to Waterloo Wear on your lodge's website or by telling your fellow masons about Waterloo Wear and giving them your link which contains your affiliate number so you can be credited with the sale and earn money for your lodge.*

Some industrious affiliates have gotten business cards made with their unique ID and corresponding link right on the card to lead their friends and brothers to the site that tracks their sales— earning them cash rewards.

So, you see, the new affiliate program combined with the hard work and dedication of the Masons at Waterloo Wear can provide your lodge with the perfect profitable fundraising program.

You're just a link away! Sign up today.

Thank you for shopping!

WB John Hardy
Waterloo Wear, LCA
Omaha, Nebraska